Annexure I

Annexure I

Script Format:

After understanding the topics and their descriptions (at the end of annexure I), please use the following format and put relevant information as per headings.

Name of the School:

Name of the Teacher Leading the Play:

Title of the Play:

Conflict/Problem Addressed:
Appropriate Solution:
Relevance to Our Country:


Brief Synopsis (Highlighting the Plot):

Major Characters:

Minor Characters:


*Note: The script must have 3 scenes, broadly: a) introduction, b) problem framing, and c) solution.



Please choose any one of the following topics:

Global Warming: How climate change has affected different aspects of our society. Some examples of impacts are heatwaves, infrequent rainfall patterns and floods. Potential of renewable energy sources in (solar, wind, hydro) in Pakistan and their connection to the power grid, in reducing carbon emissions.

Waste Management: The issue of waste management in urban and rural settings, its causes, impacts and solutions.

Water Management: Implications for Pakistan as a water stressed country, droughts, water scarcity because of inadequate infrastructure for water reservoirs (dams, barrages), lack of water smart practices in agriculture and industrial sectors.

Biodiversity Conservation: Loss of biodiversity, human impact, efforts for conserving and hope for restoring this resource.