MagnifiGreen at MSC

Sustainability Initiatives

The Science Centre strives to promote sustainable practices for its employees and visitors. To achieve this, the centre has implemented several initiatives that focus on reducing carbon footprint and promoting responsible waste management with these measures:

Renewable Energy

One-twelfth of energy consumption is generated through solar panels.

Water Conservation: Sensor-based water taps and recycled water for flushing, promots sustainable water usage and conserves

Waste Management: Kitchen waste from the Centre’s restaurant is composted; Focus on shifting from paper cups to more eco-friendly alternatives is part of the greener future initiative.

Sustainable Behaviour Change

A captivating ramp staircase to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce energy consumption, benefiting both the public and the environment.


To promote greenery and biodiversity in an urban setting, the Science garden is developed as an urban forest. It houses a hydroponic system as an innovative green measure, promoting soil less cultivation.


To track air quality around its premises, an IQ Air monitor has been installed to provide real-time monitoring through a link: https://www.iqair.com/pakistan/sindh/karachi/tdf-magnifiscience-centre


Major collaborations of sustainability:

US Consulate visit at MSC

Assistant Secretary MS. Monica Medina, from the US Consulate, explores TDF – MagnifiScience Centre, discussing sustainability efforts and inspecting the U.S.-funded air quality monitor.

Speaker Session at Lincoln Corner (Pakistan American Cultural Centre)

Fatima Kanwal Qureshi, Sustainability Lead, taking part as speaker in a three-day Climate Change workshop hosted by Lincoln Corner Karachi (PACC). 

Saaf Hawa Panel Discussion

In a joint effort with the U.S. Consulate General in Karachi, the MagnifiScience Centre held an engaging panel discussion titled “Saaf Hawa Kay Liye: Improving Air Quality Together”. 

Sustainability Programmes

To promote sustainability in the community, MSC offers interactive in-house and outreach programmes.

In-House Programs

Green Tour

The Green Tour is a guided tour within and outside the Science Centre, with a focus on exhibits and installations relevant to sustainability. For booking the Green Tour, please use this Link.

Weekend Programs

Weekend programs are a creative way to make awareness of environmental issues and solutions, fun and educational. Programmes like ‘Climate Change for Kids’ and ‘Carbon Adventure Game’ can instil a sense of environmental responsibility from a young age by making the process enjoyable.

TDF - Nature Series

TDF Nature Series is a collection of stunning documentaries which explores the natural heritage of Pakistan and the delicate balance between living and non-living environmental factors and highlights the impact of human interference.

Climate Change – Inhouse Program

In-house programmes include engaging activities, the ‘Nature Scavenger Hunt’, combined with interactive ‘Animal Super Power’ temporary exhibition to nurture the passion of learning biodiversity among youngsters.

Outreach Programmes

TDF – Nature Series

The TDF Nature Series documentaries are also offered for free screenings to schools and organisations.
More on: https://www.dawoodfoundation.org/nature-series/

Waste Management Trainings for Schools

To conduct our Outreach Programmes at your schools or organizations, please contact us at nature.series@dawoodfoundation.org

Climate Change

As part of an outreach program, a fun Seed Ball Making activity for schools and organizations upon request is arranged. This activity helps in becoming a part of a solution for restoring our planet’s natural beauty.

ECO Corner

MSC Souvenir Shop

The Eco Corner in the Centre’s souvenir shop offers a range of high-quality, eco-friendly products that promote environmentally conscious lifestyles, such as seed balls, recycled bags, wood coasters, and ‘Nature Series’ greeting cards.