The Physical World

The Physical World takes you into the science of physics, mathematics, and energy.

On this floor, connect with the inorganic world around you, explore the matter, and understand the nature of physical laws that govern how things work.

The exhibits on this floor are organized into these themes:

Forces and Motion

This space allows us to identify the characteristics of different forces and how they act on objects to produce movement. From the movement of particles to the manifestation of Newton’s laws of motion, observe physics comes to life here.


In this section, learn about the types of magnetic substances, their properties, and their behavior when exposed to different materials. Through the interactive exhibits, gain an understanding of how electromagnetic force is created and its application in the real world.

Transmission (2nd Floor Mezzanine)

Discover the marvels of modern communication: This section allows you to experience the incredible feats of communication and technology. Convert emojis into meaningful sentences, send a message using Morse code, and learn about real-life television broadcasting.


Get challenged to tricky math puzzles and riddles, and navigate your way through the fundamental concepts of Geometry, Arithmetic, Statistics, and Algebra showcased in this area. Brush up critical thinking skills by calculating areas, solving equations, and applying other mathematical functions to solve hypothetical and real-world problems.

Renewable Energy

In a world rapidly changing due to climate crises, how to harness mother nature in sustainable, eco-friendly ways to meet the ever-expanding need for energy? Explore how abundant yet renewable sources, like solar and wind power, can be used to generate clean energy.