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TDF's MagnifiScience Travels

Let us bring the MagnifiScience experience to your doorstep! With TDF’s MagnifiScience Travels, we can curate and organize exhibitions, activities, and science shows around a science-based theme of your choice at your premises. The interactive exhibits and topics can be customized according to your space and needs.

Since 2018, MagnifiScience Travels exhibits have been displayed in more than 30 locations in Karachi and beyond, reaching over 45,000 people through various events.

You can select from a range of exhibits and book them for a birthday party, a science fair at your school, or in any other context by contacting us at 0301-8375417

* The tour charges are exclusive of the admission pass price.

Discover the national treasures of Pakistan

TDF Nature Series highlights the diverse natural habitats of Pakistan through high quality documentary films. In the context of climate change, we are living in one of the most vulnerable countries - evident in an increasing urban sprawl and the recent floods that ravaged the country. Additionally, pollution contributes to endangering natural habitats.

The series of five documentaries focus on Pakistan's diverse ecosystems, flora, and fauna. The project hopes to inspire change and action for protecting and conserving the environment.

The documentaries are available in English, Urdu, and regional languages for online or group viewing. To arrange free screenings at your school or organization, please contact us at nature.series@dawoodfoundation.org