Kids’ World Karachi

Kids’ World Karachi on the ground floor offers science in the context of the city. Children can explore and contextualize the cultural and economic facets of life in the metropolis through sensory perception. The themes covered here encourage the development of their cognitive processes, motor skills, and social skills. The exhibits
here are further divided into these sub-themes:

Karachi Mohalla

‘Karachi Mohalla’ is a simulation of a typical neighborhood in Karachi. One space allows young learners under 5 years of age to identify tessellating shapes, test a car
on a racetrack, and engage in other activities. At the Saga Supermarket, kids can learn about groceries. There is also a space where cultural aspects can be explored or kids
can climb, jump and experience.


In the Hospital section, children will learn the importance of oral and hand hygiene for their well-being. Through role-play and interaction with exhibits, they will get acquainted with medical equipment such as stethoscopes and scalpels.

Construction Zone

In the Construction Zone, young learners can assume the role of builders and participate in a variety of construction-related play. They can transport materials using a pulley or tower crane and learn how construction sites operate.

Sensory Zone

At the Sensory Zone neurodiverse children will find a calmer, safe space to relax and unwind. A sensory-friendly environment has been created through the use of specialized play equipment like rock climbing walls, a foam pit, and monkey bars.

Sawaari Adda

Sawaari Adda is an ideal place for children to explore the cultural significance of Karachi’s vehicles, particularly its colorfully decorated trucks, and rickshaws. Here, children can make their own decorative patterns on the truck, experience a rickshaw, and play on the deck of a ship at the port.

Mangrove Wetland

At the central atrium on the ground floor of the MSC is the mangrove wetland located, simulating the ecosystem along Pakistan’s coastline. Learn about the different species of mangroves, their unique inhabitants, their economic and ecological value, and the threats they face.