Partnerships and Collaborations

Why partner with TDF MagnifiScience Centre?

Supporting the country’s first science centre will open doors for mission-driven organizations in various ways which align with their business purpose and corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. Our partners can play a crucial role in enabling us to offer cutting-edge experiences and avenues for science learning to a wide audience. Such collaborations and investment in TDF MagnifiScience Centre will allow organizations to benefit in the following ways:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to addressing some of the most urgent issues and challenges of our times, such as climate change, water shortage, pandemics etc.
  • Enhance company reputation in terms of portraying it as a socially/economically/environmentally conscious business entity committed to the development of science literacy and human capital.
  • Showcase ingenuity and innovation of their products or industry for educational purpose through specially designed exhibits.
  • Make experiential learning accessible to groups and communities who might otherwise never engage with our science centre.
  • Meaningfully engage with stakeholders and customers to enhance brand reputation and highlight its achievements or expertise in a creative way.


Engro Corporation Limited is the parent company of what is widely regarded as one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates. With a core ethos to help solve some of the country’s most pressing issues, Engro Corporation’s portfolio consists of a variety of businesses that fall under four verticals: food & agriculture, petrochemicals, energy & related infrastructure, and telecommunications infrastructure. As a ‘Founding Partner’, Engro supports TDF MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) to promote the concept of continuous learning amidst citizens of all ages and aims to help project MSC as a platform upon which all stakeholders may engage to help improve the way our children learn.

Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (DH Corp) is a publicly listed company. It deploys and manages investments across a diverse range of sectors, including its subsidiaries and associated companies. DH Corp’s philanthropic efforts are in an array of social welfare activities, which are deployed through The Dawood Foundation (TDF). The Dawood family formed TDF in 1960 with a vision to empower individuals through learning and education. DH Corp contributes 1% profit before tax towards TDF’s unique projects including the MagnifiScience Centre which has been established to act as a catalyst in developing the country’s science capital and provide an avenue to the people of Pakistan to engage with science irrespective of socio-economic and demographic barriers.


Digital Care is a pioneer in the field of digital health in Pakistan. Its mission is to create innovative digital health solutions to develop patient-centric and safe healthcare systems in Pakistan. Digital Care (DC) is collaborating with The Dawood Foundation (TDF) to set up the TDF–DC Centre of Health Innovation (CHI) at TDF MagnifiScience Centre. CHI will showcase the latest technological innovations in the field of healthcare through components like Augmented and Virtual Reality Simulations, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing Station etc.

The Aga Khan University is a leading provider of health and teacher education, and applied research in South and Central Asia. Centre for Innovation in Medical Education (CIME) at AKU is a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary facility for the training of health professionals in Pakistan. As a ‘Knowledge Partner’, CIME will collaborate with TDF MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) to design and deliver quality content and programmes for MSC. The focus will be on facilitating exchange of relevant, cutting-edge academic research and materials through varied educational components at the science centre.

The Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities (NOWPDP), is a not-for-profit organization operating in the development sector with a focus on inclusion through empowerment of persons with special-needs. TDF and NOWPDP will be working together in making TDF MagnifiScience Centre an inclusive space for the differently abled. This will be achieved through the organization of disability sensitization sessions and sign language trainings, building accessibility at the science centre, and providing equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. These projects hope to create awareness about individuals with special needs with the aim of integrating them into mainstream society.

Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing state of the art healthcare services entirely free-of-cost to the populace of the country through its countrywide network. IHHN and The Dawood Foundation have committed to collaborate with each other to aid their respective goals. IHHN will facilitate MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) in its mission of education and literacy by organizing health awareness sessions at MSC and likewise TDF will facilitate experiential visits to MSC for IHHN’s pediatric patients. Furthermore, blood drives will be conducted at the MSC premises with the support of Indus Hospital Blood Centre.

Habib University (HU) is a preeminent institution of higher education, pioneering in the field of interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences, and dedicated towards enriching the lives of its students and society through teaching, research and service. HU has collaborated with The Dawood Foundation (TDF) for a knowledge partnership, wherein ‘The playground: Center for Transdisciplinarity, Design and Innovation at Habib University (HU)’ will be working with TDF on the ‘Design & Create’ theme within the third floor of the centre, set around the key urban and environmental problem of waste management in the context of Karachi. HU’s support will help the MagnifiScience Centre’s fabrication team to create contextually relevant exhibits and design-based solutions.