MSC Community Engagement

Maximising Our Impact

The Dawood Foundation (TDF) strives to empower communities through its projects. In line with this mission, TDF MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) collaborates with DPS Evening School to promote literacy across all segments of the society. Functioning under the administration of Dawood Public School, the DPS Evening School is a free-of-cost literacy programme for underprivileged children residing in low-income communities.

22 children from MSC’s neighbourhood have been enrolled at the DPS Evening School. These children have also visited MagnifiScience Centre.

Ensuring Local Inclusion

TDF MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) provides residents of its neighbourhood with various employment opportunities. A local cardboard box dealer has been engaged for MSC’s waste management. From paper wastage to construction debris, and food leftovers, approximately 15-25 kg of waste is sent to either dumping grounds, recycling facilities, or resold on a daily basis.

Training & Recruitment

MSC recruits and trains members from the local community. Around 15-20 locals have been employed as valet personnel to assist visitors with parking around the premises. Over 30 people from the community have received on-the-job training as housekeeping staff responsible for maintaining cleanliness standards of MSC.

These initiatives will enable us to have a better relationship with the people residing in the neighborhood and integrate them into the Science Centre.