MagnifiScience Drama Competition

MagnifiScience Drama Competition, a collaboration between The Dawood Foundation and the United States Consulate General, Karachi, aims to enhance the scientific knowledge of students through integrative arts. Aligned with the MagnifiScience Centre’s (MSC) mission of advancing science through informal education, the competition provides a creative platform for students to seamlessly integrate scientific concepts with artistic expression, transcending traditional classroom boundaries. It aims to address significant issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss, prompting students to articulate their ideas through compelling drama performances.

The theme of the MagnifiScience Drama Competition 2024 is “Sustainable Future: Children in Action“.

This theme is aligned with the United Nations’ dedicated Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) and emphasizes the pressing need for global efforts to preserve our planet. It encapsulates the competition’s focus on inspiring young minds to creatively express their perspectives on critical issues regarding climate change and biodiversity.

The competition will encourage participants to actively contribute to the global sustainability initiative, fostering their involvement in caring for the world. Recognising that children hold the key to the future; the competition provides a platform for them to showcase their creative solutions and insights. Through their artistic expressions, children become ambassadors for a sustainable future.

The Competition has progressed to Phase 3 – The Final round

We are excited to announce and congratulate the top 5 shortlisted schools for making it to the final round of the MagnifiScience Drama Competition.

The second phase featured esteemed judges Rumana Husain and Uzma Sabeen. We are grateful for their presence which brings a wealth of experience to the competition.

Along with them, our in-house team evaluated all entries from Sindh, and Balochistan. Their expertise was utilized not only to select the top five entries for the final stage but also to provide constructive feedback.

The Competition has progressed to Phase 2

We are excited to announce and congratulate the top 5 shortlisted schools for making it to the final round of the MagnifiScience Drama Competition.

Project Phases:

This competition is divided into three phases:



Prospective schools will be required to complete an online registration form to express their interest, and must submit their scripts by the specified deadline. Submitted scripts will undergo a thorough evaluation process. Selected schools will be contacted for additional information regarding the next phases of the process.



Selected schools will be required to perform and record the play from the submitted script in a 7-minute video. This video is to be recorded and submitted by the school prior to the specified deadline, after which they will undergo assessment. After careful evaluation, five outstanding performances will be chosen as finalists.



The five finalists will deliver their live performances at the TDF MagnifiScience Centre in Karachi. The live performances  will be evaluated by a jury who will select the winner.

Guidelines for Phase 1: Registration and Script Entries

  • All scripts, videos and final performances must be presented in English
  • Only one campus from each schooling networks* can register. Multiple registrations from the same schooling networks will not be entertained.
  • The schooling networks can make as many scripts as they want from all over Sindh and Balochistan, but only register one team after selecting the best script amongst themselves.
  • Word count of the script to be 650-1,000 words. (Note: This script will be enacted into a 7-minute drama video during Phase 2)
  • The script must have no more than 3 scenes; roughly align to a plot that is organized as: 1) Introduction, 2) Problem framing, and 3) Solution.
  • The script must align with the theme “Sustainable Future: Children in Action.” Topics include: Global Warming, Waste Management, Water Management, Biodiversity Conservation. Once submitted, the script shall be treated as the final version. No alteration/modification will be allowed after the script entry.
  • Posts on social media on the script or any parts of the performance are not allowed and will result in automatic disqualification.
  • The script should adhere to the format outlined in Annexure I.
  • The script evaluation and judgment criteria can be found at Annexure II.

*Schooling networks: Any school having more than one campus in Sindh and Balochistan
**Only shortlisted schools will be contacted for further information on Phase 2 and Phase 3


For further information please contact:

Name: Sadia Shaikh

Designation: Science Program Lead         

Name: Saad Bin Imtiaz

Designation: STEM Instructor      


Contact No: +92 326 8949180 

Email Address: msc.competition@dawoodfoundation.org