• The science centre will be operating at limited occupancy level to ensure that physical distancing requirements can be met.
  • To help maintain low visitor density in each exhibition space, we shall be allowing a limited number of visitors in each time slot during the operational hours.
  • High-touch surfaces such as exhibits, lift buttons, restrooms, railings, and seating areas will be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day. To further reduce risk, some interactive exhibit elements are unavailable.
  • In addition to basic cleaning at the end and start of the day, additional cleaning rounds will also be carried out, if necessary, in particularly exposed locations.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the science centre including at key points such as entrances, exits, and interactive experiences. Visitors will be required to sanitize their hands before entering and exiting each exhibition area.
  • All science centre staff, particularly the science communicators, have received their Covid-19 vaccination. For their safety and the safety of visitors, they will be wearing face masks and following hand hygiene at all times.
  • All visitors to the science centre are required to wear face masks. This applies to all exhibition areas, MSC Shop, and the Science Garden. Inside the Foodology Café, visitors must wear masks until they have sat down at a table with their food or drink.
  • Our staff at the entrance will check the temperature of all visitors with a no-contact thermometer. Entry will not be allowed if a visitor’s body temperature reads 99° F or more or if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Signages are in place throughout the science centre to help guide visitors and maintain social distancing.
  • Visitors should follow the floor markings to ensure social distancing.
  • If a visitor becomes unwell whilst at the science centre, they will receive first aid by our trained staff available on the ground floor.

About MSC

Q. What is MSC?
A. TDF’s Magnifi­Science Centre (MSC) is Pakistan’s first contemporary and interactive science centre spread over four floors. It has over 300 exhibits designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. You can find out about the themes of our permanent exhibits at:

Q. What age group is MSC for?
A. MSC is for people of all ages and abilities to explore, discover, and be inspired by science and technology.

Q. For how long should I plan my stay at MSC?
A. It is entirely up to you. Visiting all the exhibits and ticketed areas could take you a few hours and depending on your interest you may want to spend more time at certain exhibits than others. To limit the spread of Covid and to help maintain low visitor density at the science centre, we shall be allowing a limited number of visitors during the operational hours.

Q. Is MSC a private or public entity?
A. MSC is a private, non-profit institution governed by a Board of Trustees, and is operated by The Dawood Foundation.

Q. Do you offer any discounts on the admission pass?
A. We work on a self-sustainable project hence, unfortunately, we cannot offer any discounts.

Q. How much time is required to tour the facility?
A. The average visitor spends around 3-4 hours exploring the entire science centre. Please ensure you have enough time to enjoy before our closing hours.


Q. Are there toilets inside MSC?
A. Yes, there are toilets for male, female, and the handicapped located on ground and second floors of MSC.

Q. Is drinking water available at MSC?
A. Yes. We have water dispensers available inside the MSC building and you may also purchase a water bottle from the cafeteria.

Q. Will there be a place to store my personal belongings?
A. Yes, you may deposit your personal belongings at the locker near the reception area. Only essential items like ladies’ handbags, water bottles, and baby bags will be allowed inside.

Q. Is there a baby changing and nursing facility?
A. Yes, there is a baby changing station inside every washroom. A baby care room is also available on the ground floor.

Q. Is there an area where women can pray?
A. Yes, there is a prayer room for women on the ground floor.

Q. In what language are the exhibits explained?
A. All exhibit information is available in both English and Urdu. Our experienced science communicators can also assist with explanations in English and Urdu.

Q. Is there a first-aid area?
A. Yes, we have a sick room located within the Kids’ World Karachi section on the ground floor. Our trained staff is available there at all times to carry out first aid procedures.

Q. Can I bring a stroller inside the building?
A. Yes, strollers are allowed in all areas unless specified. Strollers should be parked in designated spaces within MSC.

Q. Is WiFi available at MSC?
A. Yes, free WiFi is available inside the MSC building.

Q. Is there a phone charging area?
A. Charging points for laptops or phones are available inside the Foodology Cafe.

Q. Is there a place to sit?
A. Yes, we have seating available on every floor for visitors to rest and rejuvenate during their visit.

Q. Is there a souvenir shop?
A. Yes, the MSC Shop is located adjacent to the foyer and can be accessed from inside as well as the entrance of the science centre. Here you will find a nice selection of souvenirs and products inspired by the collections of MagnifiScience Centre (MSC).

Q. Can I bring my own food and drinks?
A. Outside food and drinks are not allowed at MSC. However, you may visit the Foodology Cafe on the ground floor where a variety of food and drink items are available for dine-in and takeaway.

Q. Can I buy my ticket online?
A. Not for the time being.

Q. What does my admission pass give me access to?
A. The general admission pass allows access to all the main exhibit areas, attractions, and the Science Garden.

Q. Can I pay for the tickets with my debit/credit card?
A. You may pay in cash or with a debit/credit card.


Q. Is there wheelchair access at the facility?
A. Yes, ramps and lifts are present to allow access to the facility to wheelchair users.

Q. Is MSC accessible to people with different abilities?
A. Yes. MSC is accessible to people with Down’s Syndrome or who are physically disabled. We also offer these facilities upon request:
• Guided tour of the exhibits
• Wheelchair assistance

Q. Is there an audio guide available?
A. Not for the time being.

Groups and Field Trips

Q. Can I organise a conference or workshop at MSC?
A. Yes. Please contact events@dawoodfoundation.org for more details.

Q. Can I organize a birthday party at MSC?
A. Yes. Please check out our birthday packages

Q. Can I book a field trip for my school students?
A. Yes. Please contact events@dawoodfoundation.org for more details.

Q. Who can I contact for group bookings?
A. Yes. Please contact events@dawoodfoundation.org for more details.

Q. Is photography or videography permitted at MSC?
A. Photography and videography within the premises are allowed for personal use only. Flash photography is prohibited. Tripods and DSLR Cameras are not allowed. Photography for commercial or broadcast purposes is not permitted unless by prior agreement.

For commercial photography, please contact events@dawoodfoundation.org.

Get Involved

Q. How do I volunteer at MSC?
A. You can volunteer at MSC. Please send your CV or profile to careers@dawoodfoundation.org with the title of volunteer and area of interest or expertise in the email subject.

Q. Are internships available at MSC?
A. Yes, send your CV or profile to careers@dawoodfoundation.org with the title of internship and area of interest or expertise in the email subject.

Q. What jobs are currently available at MSC?
A. You can find out the latest job openings on our Careers page.

Q. How can I donate to MSC?
A. If you wish to make a donation to MSC follow the link below!