The exhibits at the MagnifiScience Centre are currently spread over three floors with each floor dedicated to an overarching science theme. By observing, exploring, and discovering the different scientific concepts and processes covered in these exhibits, everyone can engage in an enriching learning experience.

Kids World

Kids’ World Karachi

Kids’ World Karachi is a depiction of the city of Karachi through the eyes of children...

World within us

The World Within Us

At The World Within Us, visitors will develop an understanding of internal sensations...

Physical World

The Physical World

This section connects visitors with the inorganic world around them and helps in...


Our World, Our Creation

Our World, Our Creation is a specialized area that allows visitors to learn the importance of...

Jugaar Ghar

Jugaar Ghar

Jugaar Ghar is a specially curated space for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics....

Science Garden

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities offer Science Garden, Nature Science Information, and Splash Zone.