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The MagnifiScience Centre is a unique place to organise meetings, product launches, corporate or private events, photoshoots, family days, red carpet events, not-for-profit galas, team building and receptions, award ceremonies, gala dinners, milestone celebrations or even concerts. Our exhibits, programmes and documentary screenings create a special atmosphere for any event. The entire building and all services can be hired for festive events, also outside of the Centre’s opening hours. Let your imagination run when organising an event at MSC!

Indoor Venue Selection

*Security Guards and Valet Parking upon request

Foodology Café

Situated at ground floor, the Foodology Café has a seating capacity of 70 – 80 guests in an area of 1070 sq. feet, (Mezzanine + Patio) seat capacity is 60 – 70 guests in an area of 1425 sq. feet, and the Patio provides a space of 245 sq. feet.


The auditorium on the first floor has a capacity of max. 100 seats in 1550 sq. feet, equipped with a multimedia and speaker system, projector, wireless mics, and a stage.

Outdoor Venue Selection

Science Garden

Science Garden, spread over an area of 2,284 sq. feet, is home to a diverse range of indigenous plants and animals and has a pond, treehouse and hamster-wheel.

Upcycle Café

At the side of the building, the Upcycle Café has a capacity of  150 guests in a 2,284 sq. feet area. Projector, speakers, and microphone facility is also available.

Rooftop Sky Café

Our rooftop Sky Café, with a view of Karachi’s skyline and port, seats 80 guests in a 1400 sq. feet area.

MSC Courtyard

MSC Courtyard, spread over an area of 7,718 sq. feet, accommodates an 8-seater roundtable setup of 25-28 tables, theatre sofa and chair setup can seat 300 – 350 guests.

The Quiet Zone

The Quiet Zone at the 2nd floor balcony has a maximum capacity of 50 seats, in a 1,160 sq. feet area.

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You can ask for a quotation via e-mail events@dawoodfoundation.org

For additional information about events at MSC, please call our team at +92 300 0458674.