Don’t miss these attractions!

Water World

Location: Transportation Section, Ground Floor

Inside Water World, engage in water-play and explore the role of water in nature. Also discover the science behind what causes objects to float or sink, how water pressure and density work together, and how waterwheels are fed from different natural water resources.

Mangrove Wetland

Location: Atrium, Ground Floor

This exhibit simulating the ecosystem of mangrove forests along Pakistan’s coastline is the centrepiece of MSC. Learn about the different species of mangroves present in Pakistan, their unique inhabitants, their economic and ecological value, and the threats they face.

Witch House

Location: Optical Illusion Section, First Floor

Watch your world turn upside down inside the Witch House. Step inside, be securely seated on a bench, and experience the house spinning. Learn about the concept of relative motion by experiencing rotational motion.


Mirror Maze

Location: Optical Illusion Section, First Floor

Experience mind-bending fun as you try to find your way out through this life-size maze of mirrors and glass. Navigate through seemingly endless hallways and learn how repetition, symmetry and tessellation combine to create patterns that appear infinite when reflected.

Friction Slide

Location: Forces and Motion Section, Second Floor

Try and slide down on different materials. Observe how on some materials it is easier and faster to slide while on others you can barely move. Learn about the concept of friction while sliding down the Friction Slide.

Television Broadcasting

Location: Transmission Section, Second Floor Mezzanine

Walk into the simulation of a television broadcasting studio and experience what it is like being on a live programme on TV.