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Address: Plot no 1 RY – 15 Railway Quarter, Karachi.

Permanent Exhibitions

Kids World

Kids’ World Karachi

Kids’ World Karachi is a depiction of the city of Karachi through the eyes of children. This is a space for our young visitors to visualize, participate in, and explore life in Karachi, its culture, and its economic activities.

World within us

The World Within Us

At The World Within Us, visitors will develop an understanding of internal sensations and the processes through which we become aware of our environment.

Physical World

The Physical World

This section connects visitors with the inorganic world around them and helps in understanding how the universe behaves through objective phenomena.

Science Garden

Science Garden

The science garden is an outdoor family-based zone of discovery which allows visitors to enjoy our natural environment as well as to harness their fi­ne motor skills and encourage flexible thinking.


Our World, Our Creation

Our World, Our Creation is a specialized area that allows visitors to learn the importance of maintaining a balance between natural and manufactured worlds.

Jugaar Ghar

Jugaar Ghar

Jugaar Ghar is a specially curated space for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It provides a hands-on learning experience for young scientists and engineers.

About Us

Following the success of its initiatives aimed at furthering science literacy, The Dawood Foundation (TDF) has established MagnifiScience Centre (MSC)—Pakistan’s first contemporary and interactive science centre designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The centre functions as an inclusive science hub, offering edutainment, igniting interest in science, and empowering people through better understanding of scientific principles and thinking. MSC’s safe learning space allows all visitors to explore and engage with science in an informal and enjoyable way, while facilitating development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

About Us

Activities and Events

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

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Annual Pass

Annual Pass

Apply for the MSC Annual Pass or the Family Pass and enjoy unlimited visits to the science centre the year round. With a Semi-Annual Pass you can visit the MSC as many times as you like for 6 months.


Birthday Packages

Celebrate your child’s birthday party at the TDF MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) while discovering the science behind everyday phenomena.

School Bookings

School Bookings

We have a wide range of exhibits which can be related to the school curriculum and STEM education. There are also learning resources and activities for students of all ages.