Our World, Our Creation

Our World, Our Creation is around engineering, design skills, and the urban landscape of Karachi.

Climate change is one of the major problems affecting Pakistan. Learn about the importance of maintaining a balance between the natural and manufactured world through the sustainable use of natural resources and minimizing the environmental degradation caused by human activities.

Karachi: Urban Landscape

How was Karachi transformed from a small, sleepy village to a teeming metropolis? In this section, discover the story of Karachi through the decades. Trace its evolution from ‘Kolachi jo Goth’ to the city under the British Raj to become a vibrant megacity of 20 million people. Through a timeline, interactive map, and documentaries, learn about the important landmarks and urban expansion of Karachi along with the diverse communities that inhabit it.

Imagineers’ Karkhana

This section offers countless opportunities to develop engineering and design skills and allows to think three-dimensionally, create physically, and work collaboratively. The section empowers its visitors to think outside the box to find solutions to real-life challenges.