Science Resources

We have organised and curated a wide array of specialised articles for all our science enthusiasts. Copyrights to link useful information in English language have been obtained from the Max-Planck Society. Some of these papers are listed below:

Fuel Cell:

The article describes fuel cells as a mechanism for energy conversion. Fuel cells can be used to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. They are highly efficient and characterized by extremely low pollutant emissions and noise levels, making them a fruitful replacement for internal combustion engines.


The article details research carried out on the history of the monsoon seasons and its fluctuations. This has enabled researchers to forecast the future trends of monsoon season and climate change. It shows a wide array of data collection from the previous seasons and how people adapt to climate change.


The article talks about synapses which are small gaps between two neurons –hardly around 20 nanometres in size. Amazingly, these synapses play a vital role in serving as the memory function of the brain. This magazine explains research outcomes of how the brain functions, stores information and reacts accordingly.