STEAM Champ Summer Camp

This summer, get ready for innovation and discovery at TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre! 5 to 28 June 2023

The MagnifiScience STEAM Summer Camp is the perfect opportunity for young minds to explore the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics with fun and action at.

Campers will develop their creativity and critical thinking skills through hands-on experiments and projects. From designing and building robots to creating digital art, the Summer Camp offers a host of stimulating workshops for children of ages 3 to 16 years. Outdoor activities and team-building exercises have also been curated as an important part of the Camp to develop social skills among children, spark their curiosity about their surroundings and how things work, as well as encourage them to make new friends.


Twice a week (5 to 28 June 2023)

Monday and Wednesday


Tuesday and Thursday (+Friday 23 June)


Morning sessions: 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Afternoon sessions: 1.30 to 4.30 p.m.


Rs 16,000/- per participant (for siblings: Rs 15,000/- per participant)

Click to register now: https://forms.office.com/r/hreiqRf14C

For questions and information, please contact: 03000458674.

Activities for Age Group 1 (3 to 6.6 years):

Nature’s Lab: Collect objects from MSC Science Garden for DIY projects.

DIY Musical Instruments: Create your own musical instruments with upcycled materials and learn how sound vibrations produce musical sounds.

The Seeds We Eat: Learn about edible and non-edible seeds, and how plants can be cultivated, and green spaces increased by making seed balls.

Animal Kingdom: Discover the characteristics and special abilities of different animals, including sea creatures and birds.

Construction: Put on the cap of a builder or engineer and create structures using LEGO and PVC pipes.

Fairy Tale with a Twist of Science: Experience the elements of performing arts and science in a popular story, such as ‘The Giant and the Beanstalk’, enacted through shadow play, puppets, and visuals.

A Day in the Market: Learn about buying and selling groceries, counting money, and distinguishing between fresh and frozen food items.

Young Chefs: Make your own pizza while learning about the importance of using healthy ingredients and the science behind the baking process.

Activities for Age Group 2 (6.7 to 11 years):

Arts and Crafts: Get your creative juices flowing as you take up the challenge to design and STEAM activities in this arts and crafts workshop.

Coders: Using computer programming languages, learn to write code giving instructions to computers on what actions to perform.

Cosmic Warriors: Engage in activities around space and astronomy and gain valuable insights on celestial bodies and the universe.

Game Developers: Develop your very own entertaining game by learning to program it yourself.

Junior Scientist: Perform a variety of science experiments using everyday household items.

Nature Ninjas: Learn about green practices and nature and ways to fight climate change.

Robotics Champs: Find out how to design and program robots and take part in an exciting competition.

Tinkering Electronics: Discover the fundamentals of basic electronic circuits and experiment with circuitry design.

Activities for Age Group 3 (12 to 16 years):

3D Designing: Learn about designing three-dimensional objects.

Arts and Crafts: Get your creative juices flowing as you take up the challenge to design and STEAM in this arts and crafts workshop.

Fun Automation: Learn to automate different circuits and find out how machines really work.

Robotics: Learn how to program robots and compete in a competition with your own designed robot.

Software Scientists: Work directly with programming languages and learn about their syntax and how to use them effectively.

STEMpreneurs: Learn about design thinking and how to pitch new business ideas as solutions to everyday problems.

Sustainistan: Participate in hands-on activities related to sustainability and learn how to protect our environment.

Young Astronauts: Take part in this workshop to learn about space missions and what astronauts and astronomers experience.