Suleman's Cubeverse

Welcome to the newest addition to the MagnifiScience Center. Suleman’s Cubeverse is a space dedicated to celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of Suleman Dawood.

The exhibits here offer a fascinating exploration of the Rubik’s Cube®, from its humble beginnings as a mechanical puzzle to its status as a global phenomenon. That’s not all – Suleman’s Cubeverse also invites you to explore the world of LEGO® bricks, where you get a chance to build intricate structures and imaginative creations of your own.

Whether you’re a seasoned Rubik’s Cube® solver, a LEGO® enthusiast, or simply curious to learn, Suleman’s Cubeverse offers something for everyone. Plan your visit to Suleman’s Cubeverse today and express your inner creativity with these timeless toys.

Rs.500 for 2 hours

*MSC Admission pass will be charged separately