Zakat Campaign for Children's visit to MagnifiScience Centre - FAQ

Q1. What is the purpose of this Zakat campaign?
The campaign aims to provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to visit TDF’s MagnifiScience center, fostering their curiosity and interest in science.

Q2. What is TDF’s MagnifiScience center (MSC)?
TDF’s Magnifi¬Science Centre (MSC) is Pakistan’s first contemporary and interactive science centre spread over four floors. It has over 300 exhibits designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. These exhibits complement the student curriculum.

Q3. How does Zakat contribute to the campaign?
Zakat funds will be utilized to cover the expenses associated with the children’s visit, including transportation, meal, and tickets to MSC.

Q4. Can donors specify if they want their Zakat to go to a particular aspect of the campaign (e.g., transportation, meal)?
While specific designations may not be possible, the organizers will ensure that Zakat funds are allocated appropriately to meet the overall needs of the campaign.

Q5. How can anyone make a Zakat contribution?
You can contribute to the campaign by visiting our official website https://magnifiscience.org/support-msc// or designated bank account detail (———) or contact details of focal person of the campaign

Q6. Is there a minimum or maximum amount for Zakat contributions?
You can choose how many children to sponsor; the cost of a visit for one child is 2,100 PKR.

Q7. How do you identify/ verify the eligibility of zakat recipients (underprivileged children)?
Children who meet the eligibility criteria are chosen based on their support needs and socio-economic situation. We receive requests from numerous low-income school administrations for discounted or donated tickets for their students; we also keep track of these schools in our database. Our representative fills out the zakat eligibility form, which was developed by our shariah advisor.

Q8. Is TDF Zakat collection process Shariah Compliant?
Alhamd Shariah Advisory Services Private Limited, our shariah adviser, has carefully examined our zakat collection and disbursement procedures and structures and has produced a certificate verifying that we adhere to shariah. The certificate is available here (link to shariah certificate).

Q9. Are there any specific educational goals for the science center visit?
These visits function as an extension pf the classroom curriculum, introducing students to a wider range of scientific disciplines while reinforcing academic principles. The main goal of theses visits for underprivileged students is to ignite their curiosity science by offering engaging examples and useful applications of theoretical information.

*Science center’s support the growth of STEM skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in addition to traditional study.

Q10. How will the campaign ensure transparency in fund utilization?
Regular updates and financial reports will be shared with donors to provide transparency on how Zakat funds are being used for the children’s science center visit.

Q11. Can businesses or organizations contribute to the campaign?
Yes, businesses and organizations are welcome to contribute to the campaign. For corporate donations or partnerships, please contact the campaign focal person for more detail.

Q12. Can I nominate a specific group of children to benefit from this campaign?
Deserving students will be identified and chosen from a database of schools maintained by TDF. Please feel free to submit any specific recommendation you may have; we will take them in account during selection process.

For more personalized or campaign-specific information, it’s advisable to reach out to contact focal person (mention focal person name and contact detail).